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12 Ways to Use Your Steampunk Tea Cup

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

If you're anything like me, the joy of making something often overrides the joy of then having that thing afterwards. That being said, I never want to make something that is destined to become clutter, or worse yet... sent to the landfill! I always do my best to give each and every project it's best chance at being loved and treasured after it is created.

If you are looking for ways to extend the life of your beautiful, up-cycled steampunk teacup, then you've come to the right place! Without further ado, Below are 12 ways that you can love your hand decorated piece.

This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. That being said, I DO encourage you to shop local whenever possible!

Use it

If you followed the directions on my previous post, the inside of your teacup is completely food safe, so YES! You CAN use it!

If you do plan to use and wash it, be sure to read my post on caring for your teacup.

(Photo on the way - mine is still curing!)


Bring your teacup to the office and use it for your loose stationary items! Such a charming way to keep your paper clips, sticky notes, pencil lead refills or erasers. Whatever you reach for the most!

Sticky tabs and paper clips are among my most used items when I'm at my desk. I like to keep my paper clips fun and interesting... check these ones out!

Keep it as a Prop

As an artist and creative arts educator, I love having interesting looking items on hand to use as still life props. Often I have classes compose a still life to draw or paint what they see. I can already tell this one will be a popular item!

Here are three 60 second continuous contour drawings, using the steampunk teacups as reference.

Can You Say Decor?

Step up your shelfie game and arrange your teacup thoughtfully on a bookshelf or accent table!

Put a Plant In It!

If you know me, you know I love plants. Of COURSE this is a good idea! Either use your steampunk teacup to propagate a plant by filling the teacup with water and submerging the cutting to let it root, or fill the teacup with a well draining soil mix (promix is my favourite) and use it as a little planter. Cute!

In this photo: a marble queen pothos cutting rooting in water.

Snack Time

I keep a tiny dish on my desk with rotating snacks to munch on while I work. Swapping it out for one of these teacups isn't a bad idea at all!

This week's snack of choice: chocolate covered almonsds.

Hang it on the Tree

Simply attach a ribbon around the handle, and voila! Your teacup is a Christmas Ornament you can use each and every year. Possibly my favourite use for it - I don't have to clean around it year round, and I have fond memories attached to it! Ever year when I hang it on the tree, it serves as a little reminder.

I used organza ribbon looped around the handle to transform it into an ornament.

Add it to your Vanity

What an adorable addition to your low waste beauty routine! Who knew that teacups make the perfect little holder for your reusable make up remover wipes?

Here I am using my teacup to store reusable make up remover wipes. Pictured with other great low-waste swaps, like a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tabs, and a locally made bar of soap, packaged plastic free!

Gift it

This would make an excellent gift for a tea-lover or steampunk aficionado. Fill the cup full of of something you know the recipient will love - perhaps their favourite loose leaf tea with a reusable tea strainers (of all the ones I've tried - and I've tried many - I prefer the clampy ones).


Dressing up for a steampunk event? Use your teacup to accessorize! Check out these fabulous teacup holsters. If you're local to Edmonton and looking to have one made, get in touch with my friend Sky. He's an incredible skilled leather worker and happy to take on custom orders!

These photos do not belong to me. This is a screenshot from Google Image Search.

Open Storage

Do you have a collection of tiny items that you like to keep out in the open? Think rocks & crystals, trinkets, bottles of essential oils... Keep your teacup as open storage for these little items that you'd like to have on display but still contained.

Teacup holding incense cones. I keep it next to the incense burner for ease of use.

Keys Please

Keep this next to your entry way and make sure you never misplace your keys! It is just the right size to be used as a key tray.

Did I Miss Anything?

Do you have something else in mind? I would LOVE to hear your ideas! What will you do with yours? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to check out my post on caring for your teacup to keep it looking great. And remember, if you did make your own steampunk inspired teacup, I would love to see it! Share your photos on social media and be sure to tag me @artventuresyeg . You can also use #myartventures .

Until next time! Your partner in creating,

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