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Teacher Training & PD

Empowering Teachers to Incorporate Authentic Art Making

Opportunities in their Classrooms


All programs are facilitated by an art expert.


Yes! ArtVentures IS an approved vendor with Edmonton Public Schools.


Industry-leading approach equips teachers with skills and confidence to help them thrive


Francophone ou Immersion Française?

Disponible en français!

Build Your PD

Build out your own day of PD based on your team's needs. 

Begin with a 90 minute Pedagogical Session, and pair it with a 3 hour Studio Session.

Pedagogical PD Sessions

The pedagogical sessions below are designed to focus on the planning and teaching aspects of art education. Participants explore different instructional strategies, lesson planning techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of materials and their instructional implications. We focus on helping teachers develop a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively teach art, utilizing various methods and materials without necessarily creating an art project during the PD session.

Studio PD Sessions

Complement your Pedagogical session with a Studio Workshop Session. Here, we focus on practical, hands-on experience with art materials, fostering creativity, and providing a collaborative environment for teachers to create together. These workshops involve active participation in creating art projects. Participants learn about materials and techniques by engaging in the creative process and producing a tangible artwork.​​

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