Run Time:



Gr. 2

90 minutes

Paint, Collage


Drawing With Scissors

Students are introduced to the life and work of Henri Matisse through story and a hands-on art investigation. We experiment with colour, line, shape, and composition to create a vibrant, Matisse-inspired cut out. This is a great program to introduce your students to, or reinforce, the elements of art.

Students and teachers alike adore this program!

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POS Connections: Art Level 1

Component 3: Students will interpret artworks literally. A. Art takes different forms depending on the materials and techniques used. B. An art form dictates the way it is experienced. C. An artwork tells something about its subject matter and the artist who made it. D. Colour variation is built on three basic colours. E. Tints and shades of colours or hues affect the contrast of a composition. F. All aspects of an artwork contribute to the story it tells. Component 4: Students will learn the shapes of things as well as develop decorative styles. A. All shapes can be reduced to basic shapes; i.e., circular, triangular, rectangular. B. Shapes can be depicted as organic or geometric. C. Shapes can be made using different procedures; e.g., cutting, drawing Component 6 C. Primary colours can be mixed to produce new hues. D. Colour can be lightened to make tints or darkened to make shades. These tints or shades are also referred to as tone or value. E. Images are stronger when contrasts of light and dark are used. Component 8: Students will create unity through density and rhythm. A. Families of shapes, and shapes inside or beside shapes, create harmony. B. Overlapping forms help to unify a composition. C. Repetition of qualities such as colour, texture and tone produce rhythm and balance. Component 9: Students will add finishing touches. A. Finishing touches (accents, contrasts, outlines) can be added to make a work more powerful. B. Stepping back from a work helps in judging how it can be improved. Component 10 (iii) B. Painting

  • Learn simple brush skills: holding and unloading the brush, applying paint, cleaning the brush.
  • Experiment with the medium to explore its possibilities.
  • Work primarily with tempera paint or tempera paint with additives, using large brushes to paint.
  • Mix primary colours and lighten and darken colours.
  • Paint using experimental methods.
  • Paint directly without preliminary sketching.
  • Use paint in combination with other media and techniques.
The program of studies for Art (1 - 6).

What is Included?

Your program fee covers the cost of:

  • A professional artist or art educator to facilitate your program
  • Table covers & aprons
  • All supplies and materials required for project creation
  • A Teacher Checklist PDF to help you prepare for your upcoming in-school fieldtrip
  • A prepared letter to send home to parents interested in volunteering as Artist Assistants

Adult Helpers

Your students desks must be arranged in 4-6 pods. Please invite 1 adult helper for each pod / group (4-6 total) into your classroom to act as Artist Assistants for this program. Artist Assistants will be asked to:

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Assist with refreshing and distributing materials
  • Encourage creative risk taking
  • Ensure art materials are being used respectfully
  • Set phones to silent for duration of the program
Please note taking videos of program delivery is prohibited. Photos are fine.

Run Time

Programs run approximately 90 minutes and are scheduled for 9:30-11:00AM, or 12:30-2:00PM. Please allow for up to 15 minutes over or under anticipated run time. ArtVentures in-school fieldtrips do not break for recess.

*Am I Eligible for a Discount?

The regular class rate is $14/student (price based on a minimum class size of 20 students). However, when multiple classes book the same program to take place consecutively in one classroom, a 10% multi-class discount is automatically applied to your invoice!

Cancellation Policy

In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your program, we require 2 weeks notice in writing to emma@artventures.ca . No fee will be charged, provided this requirement is met. Less than two weeks notice for a program cancellation or reschedule will result in a $50 fee. If less than 48 hours is provided for a cancelled or rescheduled program, the full program fee will be charged.

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