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Teacher PD In-School Field Trip Sample




180 mins

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About This In-School Program

All my school programs are also available for teachers to sample during PD!

  • Experience the process from a different perspective

  • Appreciate the process

  • Time to create / mental health benefits

  • Turn off teacher brain for a portion of the program

Additional offering: half an hour at the beginning to learn about me, artventures, my approach to teaching art and how it might benefit them.

Q & A period at the end.

They will experience the program as it is delivered, but also learn about how to effectively teach an art project, learn about what supplies to use and when, discuss connections to the curriculum, learn how to put this to use in own lesson planning and program delivery.

Your Instructor

Emma Wales

Emma Wales is the Founder & Lead Educator of ArtVentures! An Edmonton-born artist, she loves to work with artists of all ages and abilities.

Emma Wales
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