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Matisse: Drawing with Scissors Div II-III




90-120 mins

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About This In-School Program

All ArtVentures Programs are engaging for students of all grades. For younger artists, this is a great program to learn and apply knowledge of the elements of art. There is tons of hands on colour mixing, vocabulary, and practical application of concepts like line, shape, colour, and composition.

For the older grades, this project is still such a hit just as it is. But I love going that one step further to support teachers, and I know how hard it is to find engaging opportunities to bring French language and culture into the classroom. Say no more, I have you covered!

Division II students dive into French language and culture by building off of what they already know. We use concepts and vocabulary we are already familiar with in English as an opportunity to further develop our skills and confidence in French.

For FSL classes, we practice vocabulary and pronounciation related to colour, lines, and size. We will read a beautifully illustrated book about French artist Matisse in English.

For Francophone and Immersion classes, instruction is delivered fully in French, including the beautifully illustrated book we read.

Your Instructor

Emma Wales

Emma Wales is the Founder & Lead Educator of ArtVentures! An Edmonton-born artist, she loves to work with artists of all ages and abilities.

Emma Wales
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