transform your classroom into an art studio!


You provide the space,

we provide the experience.


ArtVentures offers quality, inquiry-based, hands-on art education for your students in the comfort of your very own classroom.


We bring everything to you, up to and including table covers and aprons!

In-School field trips

Adventures in Art History to Inspire & Empower Your Students

Francophone ou Immersion? Disponible en Français!

YES! ArtVentures is an approved vendor with EPSB!


k-Grade 1:


art composers

Get inspired by music and create like Wassily Kandinsky.

This art investigation equips young minds with an "art tool box," bursting with lines, shapes, and colours inspired by music!


Dive into to the colourful world of Henri Matisse

Experiment with colour mixing, shape making, composition, and collage as you create your very own

Matisse-inspired cut out!


grade 3:




Picasso was famous for playing with perspective -

now it's your turn!

Draw inspiration from some of Picasso's most famous paintings and see yourself with a brand new set of eyes and create a Picasso-inspired self portrait!


grade 4:


kinetic sculptures

Make a moving sculpture inspired by Alexander Calder!

Step-up your sculpture game and work with wire.

Experiment with balance and varying sizes to create a Calder-inspired mobile, which you can set into motion!


Create like Van Gogh!

Compose and sketch your own still life inspired by

Van Gogh's famous

 Sunflower Oil Painting. Bring it to life with a roster of new oil pastel techniques!

A popular

Mothers Day gift!



grade 6:


finding your style

Take some notes from master Joan Miró and find your own creative voice.

Artists love to work in series. Why do you think that is?Students investigate some of Miró's iconic series before creating a series of Artist Trading Cards in their own signature style!



Gifts for parents:




Perfect for Students in

Division II ​

Great for Christmas, but can easily be adapted for any holiday. This workshop walks you through the design and printmaking process from start to finish!



Watercolour Calendar

Great for students in

any grade!

Work with watercolour paint to create a calendar to send home on Mothers' or

Fathers' Day.




& Print

Great for students in

Division II

Our most popular program!

Students work with watercolour paint and a relief printmaking technique to create an oh-so-frame-able landscape.

WHAT teachers SAY

Unlike other programs I've brought into my classroom over the years, ArtVentures left each student with something individual and unique to them, as opposed to all students ending up with the same item/creation/etc. I highly recommend Emma's program for any teacher looking to expand their art lessons in class, or any parent who has a child interested in pursuing the arts.