Artist in Residence

School-Wide Workshops with Edmonton Artist Emma Wales


I would love to inspire and empower your students.

What does a an art residency with Emma look like?

I'm so glad you asked!

Through developmentally appropriate lessons, activities, and workshops, Emma builds your students' visual literacy and technical skills. During her time with your students, Emma shares her core values of creativity, curiosity, intention, sustainability, and empowers them to believe in themselves and be bold.

We will use portraiture as a lens through which we experiment with self-expression, technical skill, and to develop a deeper understanding of the elements of art and how they work together.

About the artist

For Emma, art has always been about connecting - connecting with people, moments, places, but ultimately about connecting with yourself. She approaches art making the same way she approaches life - wide eyed, with a playful sense of exploration and self discovery. ​Her work is heavily influenced by the time she spent travelling and living abroad, and most notably by her time in Paris.


Although she now lives and works in Edmonton, she returns to Paris every couple of years to reconnect with the city that breathes life into her and her creative practice. Two of her greatest influences are Matisse and Picasso. She is particularly drawn to their playful, childlike approach to art making, their use of bright colour, and disregard for conventional decorum - qualities which can be seen in her own artwork.